Stencil cleaning operations standards

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First, the purpose
  Reduce poorly printed, improve product quality.
Second, the scope of
  SMT stencil printing.
Third, stencil cleaning Benchmark:
  1, the conversion model requires cleaning stencils.
  2, the normal production, 24 hours cleaning a stencil.
  3, "Quality abnormal contact book" Reasons for the poor printing, you need to clean the stencil.
  4, after printing IPQC examination revealed poorly printed, you need to clean the stencil.
Fourth, Stencil Cleaner cleaning fluid management benchmarks:
  1, the replacement of the cleaning solution prior to collection of the residue inside the machine and clean.
  2, the collection machine residues inside the container and clean and the waste into a specified container.
  3, with 500ml deodorant deodorizing fluid container into the machine, then washed five times with water added to dilute.
  4, with the wash water into the machine wash water container to ensure its capacity more than two thirds of the container.
  5, must be replaced every two months cleaning machine cleaning fluid.
  6, according to "SAWA CLEAN operation operating instructions" to operate again.
Fifth, check the reference:
  A clean stencil after confirmation clean state with a magnifying glass.
  2, confirm the location of steel mesh and spacing of the four corners of the smallest parts locations.
  3, the recognition criteria are hole wall remains smooth.
  4, the pitch of 0.5mm or less of the IC 1005 below the small hole or use a magnifying glass to check elements.
  5, the stencil surface is scratched.
  6, the hole wall if there is residual solder paste.
  7, steel mesh and steel mesh is free from distortion.
Six, Security matters:
  1 ban fireworks.
  2 Note that the safe operation.
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