NEPCON 2013 Shenzhen Exhibition: Core Chi-made, innovative applications

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- NEPCON South China 2013 will be held August 27 in Shenzhen exciting show
2013 年 August 27 to August 29, NEPCON South China 2013 will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This annual event will be thousands of industry decision makers, engineers, technicians and buyers gathered together, helping them to close and southern entire electronics manufacturing industry chain. The exhibition in the traditional areas of strength, "Surface Mount Technology SMT" based on the strong launch of "electronic manufacturing automation, laser electronic processing, machine vision, printed circuit board PCB" and other major new exhibition.
"From manufacturing to wisdom made" Chinese electronics manufacturing industry has experienced a new transformation. NEPCON South China 2013 will be the "core intellectual-made, innovative applications" as the slogan, highlighting the "core", to prove safety of high-end; emphasizes "made" in order to intelligently upgrade traditional manufacturing; flaunt "innovation", the most international and domestic there are innovative products and technology to the South China market; Finally, the "Apply" landing, to help China's electronics manufacturing engineers to solve practical problems, the application is king.
According to incomplete statistics, concentrated in southern China more than 80% of the domestic manufacturers, while Shenzhen, Dongguan, two places and concentrated 80% of the manufacturers. Development so far, the Pearl River Delta region has become China's high-end electronic products manufacturing industry core area. Guangdong provincial government has formally issued the "Guangdong Provincial Information Technology Development Plan (2013-2020)" that until 2015, the electronic information industry output value exceeded 3 trillion yuan, to 2020, to achieve electronic information industry output value reached 4 trillion yuan.
This exhibition will reach 35,000 square meters, is expected to have come from 22 countries and regions, more than 500 exhibitors, while 31,000 people from various fields of industry leaders and buyers to participate in the exchange, more than 1,000 electronic manufacturing equipment , test and measurement products and related components, etc. will be presented to the industry audience.
Invited audience at the show this year, the Reed Exhibitions originality:
Inviting the audience to add 4,000 high-quality, 1,500 were from the previous years had never visited the new exhibition business, which is new for exhibitors purchasing power.
In order to build a radiation event platform in Asia, the exhibition will be invited from Southeast Asia and India and other emerging markets more than 500 high-end buyers to participate in this South China exhibition.
Invited VIP program will focus on the most purchasing power to invite 750 corporate clients (with decision-making power, there are ready-made procurement plan, middle and senior).
As more and more electronics manufacturers on production costs and efficiency concerns, will usher in the next few years electronics manufacturing automation facelift climax. South China as key areas of China's manufacturing industry, automation equipment demand is huge. So, NEPCON South China 2013 will showcase the most advanced surface mount technology and industrial automation technology, including automatic placement machine, automatic screen printer, selective soldering, online optical detection, industrial robots and other fields.
With the gradual deepening of the preparatory work, many of the industry's leading companies have booked booths, including Fujitsu, Hitachi, Tokyo Juki, Panasonic, Samsung Techwin, security will be expensive, Sony, ASM, Universal, DEK, Bi ladder excellent, sharp Germany heat, Kurt, Omron, Gao Yong, Saki, ABB, Han motors, Rop wait up, the silver, oxtail, CIMIC and so on.
In addition, there are more exciting year activities, including, SMTA Technical Conference 2013,2013 Chinese Electronics Manufacturing Strategy Summit, 2013SAE Asia Congress, anti-static technology forum, 2013EDN CHINA Automotive Electronics Technology Forum, 2013 Electronics Manufacturing Automation Forum, engineers Sharon and SMT will meet other members of the family.


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