Pass the new iPad early July production: iPad mini 11 monthly production

2013-06-21 07:17:26 94


According to Taiwan's "Electronic Times" reported that Apple's supply chain, from informed sources, the new generation 9.7 inches iPad will be in July and August began producing the first batch of 5 million sets of products will be shipped by the end of September.
"Electronic Times" said, with many people expected, the overall design of the new generation iPad iPad mini with current closer.
Informed sources also said that the next generation of iPad mini production time has been delayed for a month, until November of this year, but delayed for unknown reasons. Market watchers suspect that Apple may be reluctant to market two products at the same time, because last year's iPad mini on the full-size iPad sales impact. Another theory is that the supply chain problems caused by delaying the production of iPad mini.
As production delays, so this year the total volume of the iPad may be lower than the previous forecast of 80 million to 100 million units, of which 65% came from full-size iPad, 35% from the iPad mini.
Currently a lot of rumors about the next-generation iPad, including full-size 9.7-inch iPad will adopt a new design, and 7.9 inches of iPad mini is equipped with a Retina display.
Apple has repeatedly predicted the trend of Taiwanese products KGI analyst Kuo Ming-Chi believes that these two products will be released in the third quarter, but the time to market for the fifth-generation iPad will be slightly earlier than the second-generation iPad mini.
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